Monday, August 9, 2010

Fifth Classes Revealed......

After a discussion with the racers, the fifth classes have been decided on.
September - Hot Wheels Designs
October - Faster Than Ever (FTE)
November - Hot Wheels Blackwalls
December - Real Riders (Any Rubber Tire Car)

So there you go, another chance to come down and bring home the gold. So bring down your favorite cars and give it a shot. These revolving classes are always a challenge and many surprise cars cross the stripe first.

Monday, July 26, 2010

One Extra Trophy!!!!

Due to a donation we added one racing class a month till December. This will be a trophy race and will be counted in the points battle for the Championship trophy given out in December. The classes will be discussed at the August meeting and will be announced when determined. So come on down and try for the gold. I apologize but for fairness to the membership. Only paid members get points for racing and are eligable for the Championship trophy. To keep it simple points are awarded as follows: 2 points for first and 1 point for second. Thank you and see you in August.

July Meeting, Club Picnic, and August News.......

A big thank you to all who participated in our annual picnic. We have always had the greatest bunch of people and your generosity is what made Southern New England Hot Wheelers one of the best clubs in New England. Remember that we have always tried to put the people in the club above anything else. The cars are great and have their supporting role but we have always insisted that the club exists so a bunch of friends can get together every month. So once again thanks to all of you that have supported us over the years.

August 8th - I know from talking to all of you at Southern New England and the members from the other clubs I try to support every month that times have been quite tough. Two years now, with gas prices going up, lack of jobs and fear of the future. Everyone appreciates the fact that tightening our belts means buying that new mainline car or putting food on the table, well no brainer there. I like to eat myself. Just letting everyone know we are still here and as some of our members have been doing lately, we would enjoy your company even if for an hour. See you all soon.

New Club in Connecticut Info

Constitution Hot Wheelers

For those racers in the New England area who like a little variety in their racing. This club is a racing based club. I have attended this club for the last two months and it looks like they are picking up speed fast. They have a two lane 45 foot track with the option for four lane racing. Classes are as follows: Kids Rip and Tear, Kids Stock, Kids Faster Than Ever (FTE), Adult Stock, 68 - 77 Redlines, Funny Car, and Modified. They started out two months ago in the Winsor library but as of August are moving to the Wilson Volunteer Fire House - 50 Pine Lane, Winsor Ct. Meeting dates look like the third Thursday of every month however the August meeting is the third Tuesday, the 17th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Trade and vendor tables available. Trophy's for race winners and they have some great door prizes. Come and check it out.

Contact emails: Bob , Mike and Eric